Saturday, 25 January 2014

Things You Wouldn't Hear in a British Classroom...

"You can have your hunting knife back at the end of the day, but it is too big for sharpening your pencil."

"I'm tired of sweeping up bat faeces from the floor every morning."

"Thank you for the chicken, but please take it out of the classroom now."

"Stop eating fruit in class!"

"Put your blowpipes away in your bags."

"Children please carry your cutlass to school tomorrow."

"Tomorrow is sports day, please do not forget to bring your canoes and paddles."

"Sir, me pencil fall down through the crack in the floor."

"Rain again, please move your desks to avoid the leaks in the roof."

"Please leave the classroom by the door and not the window."

"We are having a celebration tomorrow children; tell your parents to bring at least half a pale of cassiri."

"Lunch will be late today because the kitchen has ran out of water."

"How did your books get all wet, boy?"
"We capsized on the way to school sir."

"Children, stay well clear of the blackboard in case the wind blows it over again."

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